4 steps to make your resolutions last

Happy New year to all!

What is the longest time your new year’s intentions have lasted? Go back in time in the archive of your memory and check. Be honest!

Well, this year you can change things if you want. You are a year older, you know how many times you have made yourself a promise, you know how ineffective that promise was and how unfulfilled it made you feel.

This year, even the fifth of the first month, get your calendar- yes the one you use to put your business meetings on, your hair dresser’s, your doctor’s appointments on. What time do you usually start your day? 7, 8 am? Put there, right at the hour you usually start your day, or 10 minutes before you hit the ground running, put a first appointment: the one with yourself. Decide whatever is important to you this year and that you think will help you to improve and move forward in your life. It might be doing 10 minute exercise, 10 minutes meditation, 5 yoga sun salutations, listening to your favorite music sitting with your coffee looking at a fantastic view with your eyes open or, closed in case you do not have that dream view handy. Taking care of yourself for 10 minutes as you have never done before!

Yes, start your day with an act of love for yourself by putting it on your calendar possibly with a reminder, click repeat for the 365 days ahead of you in this new year and do it! When the reminder rings and you are tempted to skip your precious appointment with yourself just remember how good you felt when you did it and how good it makes you feel to be consistent. If you skip one day, go back to your calendar and ask it to remind you again and again. An act of love towards yourself amounts to dozens acts of love you can give to others throughout the day. You will see how different you vibrations will be. How different everything and everybody around you will work…

Remember the following:

  1. start with a small intention
  2. put it on your calendar
  3. click repeat for one year
  4. audit yourself after three weeks and….REPEAT!

All my love,

Antonella Lo Re




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