My holiday card to you

Dear ones,

I do wish you all a very merry Christmas and wonderful Holidays, but most of all I wish  you all to slow down and re-set your priorities not only for a day. Carve sometime to re-write your bucket list where  the priority numbers are changed or simply some item must shift  a little further down in the list, giving some more space to kindness, generosity and love for ourselves and for others.

Maybe things you wish for are replaced with the people you share with. Maybe the one day must do list can have fewer actions so that in between there might be room for listening to yourself, or offering a listening ear, more room for fun, for joy for smiling for silence, more time for getting into the void and listen. Listen what our authentic bucket list needs to contains in order to take us where we need to go not only where we think we must go.

All my love,

Antonella Lo Re

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