The best gift: time

Hello everybody! Remember last week’s blog? I am back here ruffling through this box of memories and cannot stop reading the words of Celine and Kate, the 86-year-old friends.

Celine and Kate have exchanged so many letters! They spent so many words describing their dreams to each other, reporting their reality, their days, their feelings, their secrets, their deepest fears and greatest joys!

They have learned so much from one another and so much was revealed to them when they were old. In the words I am reading here, they are referring to so many times they lost their heart and how the other could retrieve it for the friend in what they called “the lost and found”. How many times they had helped each other’s to find it again.

In their own way Celine and Kate gave each other the greatest gift: the gift of time. Although living far apart they were always ready to jump on a plane or a train, to be present on joyful occasions as well as hard and painful ones, for one another. They were committed every week to writing to each other. They never allowed life to get in the middle of their time. Or, maybe they just could not find any excuse.

I am here reading these lines full of love for one another and describing their life’s “failures” (as they refer to experiences that did not bring them the expected outcomes), as the best time of their friendship, no matter what, they were able to find the time for each other.

Time is a recurrent word in their letters. Time is the greatest gift. I also truly believe this. If we could fast-forward our lives only to look back and see whether we used our time to build meaningful relationships, to spend our time with those who care, to give our time to build lifelong relationships. This year it is hard, very hard for me to shop for gifts and all  I will give is my time to others in this Holidays and in 2018 as my biggest wish for the year is to have time from others. Nothing else, just time!

Time to love, time to give a listening ear, time to laugh together, time to cry together, time for each other’s. This is my biggest wish for this year and for time to come. I do hope we will be able to tell our stories as Celine and Kate one day. They know they have given the best gift love can possibly express to one another: time.


Antonella Lo Re

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