What would you have done differently?

Hello Dear ones,

What would  you have done differently?

This week I have asked this question to one of the groups I talked to. Here’s what they wish for:

I wish my father said more often he loved me. LOVE

I wish I listened more to my kids. COMPASSION

I wish I trusted more. FAITH

I wish I understood better how much my

parents sacrificed for me. GRATITUDE

These are only few of the replies I had with this group and many more were around the inner abilities we all possess and we do need to focus on more to live a more balanced and serene life. It was impressive to notice that every single wish was around the “lack” of one of the Steps mentioned in Seven Steps To Joy.

This week I am inviting you to your replies to this question and translate your answer into a significant step that you would want to implement, focus and work on in your life.

(Replies can be sent via Facebook, twitter, my contact page, or leave your comment below.)

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