A heartfelt “thank you” for today and everyday

Thanksgiving 2017!

Today I remember last year’s Thanksgiving 2016. I was thankful for what I believed things were, I pledged to be thankful no matter what but when in 2017 things got tougher and tougher I wondered several times how could I be grateful and what for. Yes, It was hard to see the reason to be thankful for at times.

Little by little I realised that there were many reasons to be thankful for and many people to express my gratitude to. All those that stuck with us during and after the hardest time, those that got closer and closer holding our hands gently and silently leading us up to now, all the love we have received in this heartbreaking year. I am breathing, I am alive and I must continue to be a contribution to this world.  As I mention in Seven Steps To Joy “gratitude is the beam of light you give back once you have acknowledged the bright light shining on you”.

I realised that the more grateful you are the more grace you have to give to this world that needs it so much. Our gratitude reflects upon everything and everybody as grace and grace  amounts to and infinite acts of kindness.

My wish today is that tomorrow, when Thanksgiving day is over, we can live with grace every day and can pledge for a year long scouting for more good news to give others, more positive feedback, more appreciation towards everything and everybody and live each and everyday with a heartfelt thank you to fall asleep with. Bringing then grace into our life as well as other’s.

I wish all of us a year where we can consciously slip  from being avid takers to be grateful receivers and generous givers.

Thank you!

Antonella Lo Re

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