Why Seven Steps to Joy?

As few weeks have passed, I proudly continue to promote my new book, Seven Steps to Joy.  Many people have asked me how my book can benefit them, what I believe is not that my book will change who you are without your own personal effort, but rather that if you keep an open heart and open mind, you will realize the areas in which you need to grow or where you need more strength and support. I feel that reading my words and coming to these realizations will be able to provide some support in those seeking this relief whether consciously or not, you will realize that you’re not in fact alone and that we are all in this journey of life together.

I have heard feedback that my book has helped and is helping people going through grief as I have, through stress, or simply someone who wants to learn to be more mindful.

Today I release the first podcast interview I have had discussing my book, where it came from, and some of the benefits it can provide you with.

Thank you all again for your constant love and support, I always truly appreciate your feedback.

Below is a copied excerpt from the link of my book, Seven Steps to Joy . Please Scroll down or click the media on the sidebar to hear my podcast interview with Creative Living Radio.



Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 2.26.58 PM
Click here to get your copy of Seven Steps To Joy

Seven Steps To Joy is a short yet powerful book of encouragement and inspiration for those who want to live a more awakened life—stay balanced, connected, and fully present—despite any obstacles that may be hindering or surrounding them. Antonella Lo Re reveals the seven inner abilities every human possesses which need only be focused and developed to reach serenity.

“Antonella Lo Re’s new book brings hope, light and respect to the reader, by offering a deeper approach to living fully in the now and a thoughtful method to tap into the personal power we all possess to experience this seemingly elusive concept called JOY.”

– C.A. Scibelli-May, reader

In this book, you will discover:
– How to follow your own path of awareness
– What is missing from the current path you are following
– How to reach joy and inner peace in 7 steps
– How to be joyful throughout the struggles life puts in your path

Readers will be uplifted by her optimism and witty enthusiasm, as she shares what she has learned through her own journey: how to experience the inner peace and joy she once thought were impossible to reach.

With the current level of interest around the topics of mindset psychology and the Law of Attraction, the story Seven Steps To Joy tells is a must-read

“I whole-heartedly believe that Seven Steps To Joy is an invaluable gift to humanity that will indeed change many lives, undoubtedly liberate many hearts, and greatly contribute to raising the collective consciousness for a long time to come.”

Malaika Eastman, reader

Seven Steps To Joy: A Life Changing Path is available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazo

Listen below for my first podcast interview on Creative Living Radio discussing her first book, Seven Steps To Joy.



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