True friends are found in the GOOD and bad times!

Hello dear ones,

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for the great love and support you have given me this past week. I must confess, I was (more than joyfully) surprised  at the outcome and the response to Seven Steps to Joy. It has been one surprise after another, every single day since October 16th, when the book was released.

Who said true friends show you to be such when they stick with you through difficult time? It is even in successful and joyous times like these that you can see who dances at your success, and that is beautiful.

I do have much gratitude for everybody, new, old and some coming out of the bushes that I would have never expected. I felt and feel the love of those I knew loved me as well as the love of those I did not expect or even thought would care about the book. Well, that proved and confirmed my theory that if we rejoice about someone else’s success or happiness we are part of the Joy that will positively affect and impact our own life.  That makes me happy. I felt imbued with love and appreciation, I have seen and felt their joy for all that has been happening around Seven Steps to Joy and myself in this time.

Remember to rejoice for your friend’s, family, and acquaintance’s successes. Every occasion is a good reason to breath in joy!

When you do not have the response you were absolutely expecting in good and bad times, instead of blaming remember that there are always different kinds of people and friends. Do not fault them, they are just the way they are as Tyler Perry says beautifully in the following video.

Much love to all and my deepest and infinite thanks,

Antonella Lo Re



Don’t forget to view the official Seven Steps To Joy press release

and purchase your copy of Seven Steps To Joy!

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