Book excerpt: Seven Steps To Joy

Good morning to All!

Today I have a excerpt to share from Seven Steps To Joy. I have had some feedback and I decided to share this one. The book has been released on October 16th so you can find it on Amazon in paperback or kindle.  Go and grab your copy if you haven’t yet.



EXERPT #1: Growing Up or Growing Old
…. We hear a lot about mindfulness meditation, positive thinking, affirmations, change-your- thoughts/change-your-life which I believe all being valid, relevant and great tools in support of our inner journey. But not the only ones. There is more to it in order to be able to navigate through the rough and harsh times of life. These pages want to point out inner abilities we all have, to guide you to work on and practice them; to give you what you need to add up to your path of affirmation, positive thinking mindfulness, and whatever else you figured out so far.

Before starting with the Seven Steps though, I need to mention the importance of the choice you have made undertaking this journey of yours. You have chosen to live an awakened life, which entails to understand and embrace to live in the present moment. The past no longer belongs to us and the future is not yet ours. To be fully present in what we are doing, or in what we are sharing this moment of life with, is to be awakened. This right moment while your eyes are scrolling down onto these lines is your present, nothing else.

Conversely, choosing not to live an awakened life means that you’re only letting time pass by without embracing the bliss of each moment. We waste time wishing for more, wishing for something different, craving a different life that might never happen, and complaining about what we do not have. This stagnancy and lack of acceptance with the present is what I define as “growing old without growing up.” It is like moving in a flat and dull circle for years instead of moving up on a spiral which represents our evolution and growth. When we are in that circle, we crave what we do not have; we allow the present moment to pass unnoticed. We only get the fixation of the unknown future and the unknown life, searching for something that we are not even sure we are missing. Therefore…..


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