First and foremost I want to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful welcome you gave to my book: Yes, Seven Steps to Joy is here, available on Amazon, paperback and kindle.

It is with profound gratitude that I share this wonderful news with you:

-#1 Best Selling Author.-

If you bumped into Seven Steps to Joy and you are holding it in your hands it is time for you to look within and learn from within to embark on your unique soulful journey. These few pages encourage you to focus and work on seven inner abilities concealed within by a veil machinated by our ego.

One of the Seven Steps I would like you to ponder this week is SILENCE. 

Here’s an excerpt of my book on Silence.

An old man, a wonderful soul in my life, once told me a story that I remember this way:

Angels were called up to a meeting to decide where to put all the answers for Man to tap into that were necessary for him to face life and gain wisdom. They all gathered together and, one by one, each suggested a location.

“We should put all the answers in the deepest ocean,” said one.

All the other angels in a chorus replied, “No, it would be too hard for Man to find them.”

Another angel suggested, “Let’s put them on the very top of the highest mountain!!!”

The chorus resonated, saying, “Yes!” But another angel spoke up. “No, Man will be too tired when he finds them.” After many attempts to find the best location for wisdom, a little angel came up with an idea. “Let’s put all the answers within Man…inside him.”

This week please ask yourself: – What can silence bring me I do not have now? Where can silence take me? how can I listen to the voice within?

“Silence is the prelude to Peace” Antonella Lo Re




One thought on “SEVEN STEPS TO JOY: Silence

  1. Congrats again, my friend!! You did it! It is the first of many, I am sure. Your book will touch those hearts in need. How beautiful! Thank you.


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