Three more days…

Dear All,

3 more days until October 16th and as many of you know, my book will be out and available on Amazon.

Seven Steps to Joy is now a reality. It is a little book I was ready to share in 2014 but then life derailed our family pathways and pulled all of us in a different direction where we needed to stay close together holding each other’s hands.

In Seven Steps to Joy I talk about seven inner abilities we all have and need to develop and focus on, to better face life in its joyful manifestation as well as in its unwanted and undesired manifestation.

I believe that the trend of positive thinking and affirmation is a valuable resource, however, a deeper step (or seven deeper steps) is necessary to be implemented to achieve some kind of balance in life and embrace life with joy and peace even if the navigation gets rough, waters are unfriendly and the unwanted invades our fields, our heart and our existence.

In its simplicity, my book will give you an idea of the path to take and guide you to let go of your own resistances. The only “must” is that you have to be willing to let go. The moment you pause and say “but” here’s your resistance which is the only obstacle you self-imposed and that will prevent you to go ahead in your evolution and growth. Recognise and be aware of our own resistances, stay with them until you can be very honest with yourself and accountable for your own reactions. Once you get familiar with them, you will be able to embark on your own journey and you will see that it will pay off.

If you deny your own resistances, if you dismiss that voice of yours that highlights your blocks and you would rather voice over with your own ego to deceive yourself you will get lost. While chronological growth will inexorably happen, your evolution will not and you will end up spinning in a hamster wheel that will take you around and around only to view same landscapes over and over again.

I have always believed that books encounter us and if this little book encountered you, look into the reason why it is calling you and if you do find something that resonate with you, please let me know, share your thoughts and emotions. Will be happy to reply.

Hugs to all!

Antonella Lo Re

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