The road to October 16th

Dear ones,

A long time has passed since my last blog post on March 24th.

I apologize to everyone for this silence. We have been totally absorbed, every second of our existence in accompanying my husband in his last journey. Nothing would call us away from him. We held his hands day and night, myself, my daughter, family and dear friends. I lived every single minute focused only on him and on the love I had for him.

There were 8 weeks at the hospital where I witnessed my dear husband increasingly suffer and move towards an end that he defined as “the day after which great things would happen.” Among many things he taught me, there is also the fact that death is part of the same journey called life but we always avoid it until we have no option left but face reality. If we rebel to it, if we do not accept it, we only freeze the pain forever. This experience put everything else under a different light and a different perspective. It did signal a big change in my life. No doubt that the pain for the loss of a loved one is deep, his absence gives you a feeling as if you have been robbed by life from something precious, the emotional pain equals a physical pain and resurfaces every single day. The time without your loved one seems to be there to torture you, the silence seems to be there to amplify his absence and your solitude yet life pushes you to live. As I always say, we need to listen to our emotions, acknowledge them and carry on in the best way we can even if that best is a big heaviness we need to carry day after day. Through this journey we have learned lessons that we would have never even thought to attend in life, yet the strength came to go through that. The strength came mostly from my husband who demonstrated such wisdom and spiritual maturity and awareness that we could only appreciate and learn from it. Never once I could focus on the final destination where those minutes, days and weeks would have taken us. We truly learned how to live the moment and appreciate every breath of it. I learned to cherish each breath and each second we took side by side.

It has taken and continues to take much time to process this pain. After the passing of my husband and taking some time to collect myself and my thoughts I decided to continue writing.

Here, I am proud to maintain the promise I made to my dear Maurizio… my book, Seven Steps to Joy, is in the process of being published. The opportunity came at just the right time to unveil a book that has been hidden away since 2014. It has been revised, adding recent knowledge and lessons, and I am happy to be able to share it with you beginning on October 16th, 2017 on Amazon.

Thank you for taking the time to hear back from me and I can’t wait to share more with you next week about this new adventure. Join me again next week to find out more.

Enjoy the moment!

Antonella Lo Re


Feel free to share, like and comment my post, it is always nice to hear updates from you all.

2 thoughts on “The road to October 16th

  1. Antonella – Thank you for the beautiful message. My heart hurts for you and your family. I rejoice in knowing that you walked part of your earthly path hand in hand with an amazing person and that one day you will be together again. As we have both learned, life is a collection of limited moments that will end all too quickly. I love you my dear friend.


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