Hello dear ones,

Just wanted to let you know that despite my absence for a week, I am working on something that I am sure many of you will find of interest. Most of my time is currently being devoted to something else.

As you know or have probably understood from my latest blogs, my family and I are facing a challenging time due to my husband’s cancer. Living deeply every single moment given to us, with all the challenges that this implies. Noticing that even the sound of the clock clicking the time is now different. Every word, every adverb of time all has a complete  different implication and even a different connotation. Those words slip from our mouths leaving moment of silence where nobody wants to comment, and the breaths and the sounds that break that silence are charged with fears and sadness.

All I have learned in these years is here with me to test whether I assimilated or only internalise the teachings intellectually.

Breathing, being in contact with the Source, allowing the most tremendous emotions to come by, find a kind of balance again and then as soon as you find it …. the ride starts all over again with the most horrific ups and downs. This is what it is now. 

Just a thought and a thank you for all of you that extend your hand, touch my heart, and give us words of love. Thank you. 

Much Love,

Antonella Lo Re






4 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. I am thinking of you with love and affection, dear Antonella. It is said that without sorrow, there can be no joy…we ask why. My heart is with you both.

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  2. I am sure all you have learned during your life is helping a lot in this dificult moments and at the same time you take this expirience as a learn in many other thinks because you is an expeceptional and strong woman. We have been prying for you both and continue to do. Kisses and hugs.


  3. Carissima Antonella, non c’è ‘ un istante che tu non sia presente nel mio cuore e nei miei penssieri, e mi dispiace cosi’ tanto di essere fisicamente lontana. Un inmenso abbraccio.


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