The darkness of illness

The pain inside

Is my reminder

That once my life had been  much kinder.

The heartache,

Is what I fight because joy,

I know,

Is my birthright.

The nightly anguish, is there,

making sure I don’t forget.

Now agony,

Is all we bear to hold each other

In a night of scare.

Confusing prayers,

For what once we thought

Was the only thing

We would have always fought.

And now your eyes,

Are begging the end,

Of what it is that to us was sent.

Sometimes life also offers extreme pain to deal with. Illness of a loved one is one of those.

It is said that we grow through pain but often, amid of it, wonder and wish for another way to grow.

The load to carry is so unbearable that we wish to have a forward or a rewind button available to move to the right fragment of our life. We wish the world could stop and share with us our pain so that it might be easier to bear. We wonder why we can no longer tolerate the laugh, the joy and happiness of somebody else.

I understood today, that is the right moment where we need to stop and honor our sadness, honor our tears and realize that closing our heart will bring more pain. We must realize that it’s ok to go through deep sorrow and it’s ok that harrowing, awful, heartrending, excruciating pain deep in your guts that you feel will never leave you, will heal somehow, sometime.

I know is a difficult task to keep our heart open but we heal others by giving love and  we can heal ourselves by allowing to receive love. So let’s keep our heart open even when we want the world to stop.

It’s said:

“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.”

Antonella Lo Re

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